The Uncharted Waters of Modern Manhood: A Navigator’s Guide for Seasoned Entrepreneurs
This article dives deep into the reasons why manhood appears to be in crisis and what lies at the heart of this dilemma.
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The Uncharted Waters of Modern Manhood: A Navigator’s Guide for Seasoned Entrepreneurs

Modern manhood is like an evolving algorithm. For entrepreneurs over 40, it’s a blend of understanding, adaptation, and the age-old charm. Dive in as we navigate this journey together, with a pinch of humor and a lot of heart.

The Uncharted Waters of Modern Manhood: A Navigator’s Guide for Seasoned Entrepreneurs

Posted by Frank Gomez in Blog, Entrepreneurship, Relationships 21 Aug 2023

Hey fellow seasoned adventurers over 40,

Introduction: Do you remember when the biggest concern about being a man was, well, keeping those sideburns in check? Jokes aside, it seems like in today’s hyperactive digital era, the essence of manhood has become a blurred line, much like that old VHS tape we used to play on loop (Oh, the nostalgia!). And for us entrepreneurial spirits, it’s like trying to understand the algorithm of a new social media app – just when you think you’ve got it, it changes!

1. The Feminism Fandango

Back in our day, we’d heard tales of knights and damsels. Today? It’s more about equality and breaking stereotypes. But let’s be clear: genuine feminism is not about wearing armor and brandishing a sword against all men. It’s about understanding and respect. Remember that awkward Christmas party when Uncle Bob danced in his 70s bell-bottoms? It’s a bit like that. Outdated views don’t fit in today’s party.

Actionable Tip: Embrace genuine conversations about equality in your entrepreneurial circles. It enriches our perspective, and hey, it’s good for business too!

2. The Feel-Good Fever

If the 90s had a “Just Do It” spirit, today is more of a “Just Be You” era. And while that’s splendid in many ways, there’s a thin line between self-love and complacency, especially in business. Remember our old school report cards? They didn’t just have grades but also remarks. Growth and feedback go hand-in-hand.

Actionable Tip: Set aside time monthly to reflect on your growth. What have you learned? What can you improve? Don’t just settle.

3. Integrity – The Missing Ingredient?

Ah, integrity. Much like that secret ingredient in grandma’s pie. Sure, music nowadays might make it seem cool to live on the edge, but in our businesses and personal lives, values still reign supreme.

Personal Anecdote: Back in my early entrepreneurial days, I made a deal without a contract. Call it naivety or trust. It backfired. But instead of moping, I learned. Integrity matters, in contracts and in character.

Actionable Tip: Always have a moral compass handy. It guides us through the toughest storms.


Navigating modern manhood while keeping our entrepreneurial spirit alive is like pairing wine with food. It needs understanding, a sense of humor, and the ability to adapt. And just like wine, it gets better with age. So, here’s to us: the seasoned entrepreneurs over 40, sailing through the modern tides of manhood with grace, wit, and a sprinkle of humor.

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Frank Gomez


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